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Alchemists turn herbs into potions.

Alchemy is a Noble Profession.

They require the products of the clergy profession, Apothecary. Alchemists do not provide for any other profession.

The construction of their buildings require products from masons.


Product Production Structures Involved Yield Cost Storage (Max) Used In (Profession)
Health Potion Alchemist's Workshop 1 4 Echinacea

6 Dandelion

Shelves ?
Stamina Potion Alchemist's Workshop 1 6 Lavender

4 Dandelion

Shelves ?
Magic Potion Alchemist's Workshop 1 8 Echinacea

4 Mushroom

Shelves Transmutation Potion (Alchemist)
Transmutation Potion Alchemist's Workshop 1 3 Dandelion

6 Echinacea

2 Mushroom

1 Magic Potion

Shelves Philosopher's Stone (Alchemist)
Philosopher's Stone Alchemist's Workshop 1 1 Stone

1 Transmutation Potion

Chest ?


Name Cost Recipes Size Access Points
Alchemist's Workshop 6 Planks

2 Stone Blocks

Chest 4 Plank N/A 1x1 1 tile (Front)
Shelves 4 Plank N/A 1x1 1 tile (Front)
Ground Storage 1 Plank N/A 1x1 4 tiles (All Sides)
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