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Carpenters are a peasant profession, required to build most wooden structures. Carpenters work somewhat differently to the other professions in that they do not only work in their assigned zone. Instead, their assigned zone is used to produce Basic Repair Kits, which are used to repair structures and buildings, and they also do building work for other families.

They are an early game profession, as they are necessary to build many of the peasant production buildings.


Product Produced At Cost Produced Per Recipe Storage
Basic Repair Kit Builder's Desk 1 Plank 4 Chest


Name Cost Built By Takes Yield Size Access Points
Builders Desk 6 Plank Carpenter 1 Rope 1 Clay (Advanced Repair Kit)

1 Plank (Basic Repair Kit)

6 Advanced Repair Kit

4 Basic Repair Kit

1x2 2 Tiles, Front
Ground Depository 1 Plank Anyone N/A N/A 1x1 4 Tiles (All Sides) Can Be Walked Over
Ground Storage 2 Planks Carpenter N/A N/A 1x1 4 Tiles (All Sides) Can Be Walked Over
Chest 4 Plank Anyone N/A N/A 1x1 1 Tile, Front
Storefront 1 Plank Anyone N/A N/A 1x1 1 Tile, Front & Back

How they work

Certain structures require a carpenter to build them. Through use, these structures will get worn out, and will require Basic Repair Kits to be repaired.

Suppose a Ground Storage blueprint is placed in a Farming zone. This blueprint will appear in grey. One of the owners of the Farming zone, when available, will then travel to a storefront being run by a Carpenter to place the order for the Ground Storage to be built, causing the blueprint to turn blue.

A Ground Storage requires 2 Planks to build

  • If the Carpenter already has 2 Planks that they are trying to sell, they will use these planks, and the owner of the Farming zone will pay for the material cost
  • If the owner of the Farming zone has 2 Planks for sale, the Carpenter will use those at no cost to the owner of the Farming zone
  • If 2 Planks are available for sale from some other source, the Carpenter will buy them from that source and the owner of the Farming zone will pay for the material cost

Once all required materials have been gathered by the Carpenter, they will eventually build the structure. They are then paid by the owner of the Farming zone at a rate of 30 copper per hour of work, plus any costs associated with the materials as described above.

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