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Clergy are peasants in your settlement who have been enlisted by you or have joined of their own will. A peasant can be enlisted to the clergy if they are an adult. They can be enlisted through the family book by selecting the individual peasant and choosing "Enlist to Clergy" found on the bottom right page.

A new member of the clergy is considered a [Novice]. A novice is able to build, cook, and handle the store if they have a storefront in their zone. (Clergy will not use the storefronts in the marketplace). To become promoted from novice, each novice must learn reading, writing, and consecration. Reading and Consecration require access to a manuscript and a chair or bench. Writing requires 4 paper stack and a writing desk (chair is not needed). After these three skills have been acquired, a novice will be initiated on the day of Sunday Service. The first clergy member will be initiated by the ruling family and will become the bishop. Subsequent initiations will take be done by the bishop or minister after Sunday Service.

A speaking table in the church/chapel zone is required to trigger the Sunday Service event and, by extension, initiation.


Clergy need food. They will cook and buy their own cooking ingredients, but the money for this must be supplied to them through taxes or donations of the ruling family or noble families.

Clergy need clothing. They will prefer robes over clothes, but will wear what is available.

Clergy reputation can be improved through providing enough seats in the church and chapel as well as donating to them.


6:00 Wake Up

7:00 Stock and Handle Storefront

9:00 Novices start to learn reading, writing and consecration for the day.

11:00 Sunday Service starts

16:00 Store closes

19:00 Clergy will go to the inn for beer and mead if it is available

Clergy Reputation Guide

All reputations are between -1 and +1, starts at 0.25

Clergy Relationship

  • Everyone loses 0.005 daily reputation as a baseline pressure
  • Ruling family can lose 0 to 0.05 weekly for not holding Sunday Service for 100% of peasants
  • Ruling family can lose 0 to 0.1 weekly for not holding Sunday

Service for 100% of nobles (including ruling family)

  • Each noble family gains or loses up to -/+0.025 reputation daily based on the donations
  • If church and chapel is properly setup, player can lose only up to -0.03 daily and gain up to +0.02 daily. If it is not, each week will add the penalty for a missing Sunday Service support on top.
  • Under the best circumstances it takes over one in-game year to max out clergy reputation!
  • Not having church and chapel setup can erase any positive impact made by donations, and even cause the reputation to suffer.

How Donating to Clergy Works:

  • Clergy monitors a moving daily average of the value of donations done by each noble family
  • Every family must keep this value above a certain minimum or else they are guaranteed to lose 0.025 reputation
  • Clergy recognize the average donation and the maximum donation
  • Family with the maximum donation is receiving the full bonus of +0.025 daily
  • Families that are above the average are receiving bonus between 0 to +0.025 daily
  • Families below the average are losing between -0.025 to 0 daily
  • Players can update their donations daily, but noble families are only doing it weekly on Sunday service and are stuck with their value for the rest of the week
  • How much each noble family bets is shrouded with a mystery (in other words it is driven by complex AI logic that is not necessary to explain).

*There is a special case for when only the ruling family is donating (i.e. there are no other noble families). If the donations are above the minimum demanded value, player will receive +0.0125 daily bonus.

Ruling family also gains or loses between 0.1 reputation with all families each Sunday Service. The value depends on % of family members that could attend and if the player reputation with clergy is positive or negative.

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