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A fishing family empties their fishing nets.

Fishermen are one of your three starting families. They produce fish, which is an easy early source of meat. It's recommended that fishermen be close to the water since their Fishing Rods and Fishing Nets requires water to be placed.


Product Production

Items Involved


Per Recipe

Cost Storage Makes (Made By)
Fish Fishing Rod/ Fishing Net N/A - Barrel Meals (Everyone)


Name Cost Built By Yield Size Access Notes
Fishing Pole 4 Wood Rod, 1 Yarn Anyone 1 1x1 Behind Needs to face the water.
Fishing Net 8 Yarn Anyone 1-6 1x1 From Shore/Dock Can only be placed on water

Decays over time, need yarn to repair

Small Barrel 2 Planks Anyone N/A 1x1 4 Tiles, All Sides
Barrel 4 Planks Carpenters N/A 1x1 4 Tiles, All Sides
Storefront 1 Plank Anyone N/A 1x1 1 Tile, Front & Back
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