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At the Mason, stone and limestone are turned into blocks and tiles for building.

Masonry is a profession for peasants. Masons will take stone or limestone from Miners and will use a wooden block to turn them into blocks or tiles. Stone/Limestone blocks and tiles are a great source of beauty for Nobles .

Masons provide crucial building materials for the construction of productions structures for Glassmakers, Bakers, Blacksmiths, and Smelters.

Product Where Made Yield Cost Storage Recipe For

(Used By)

Stone Block Wooden Block 4 1 Stone Ground Storage Construction (Architect)

Repair Kits (Architect) Stone Tile (Mason)

Stone Statue (Artist)

Stone Tile Wooden Block 4 1 Stone Block Ground Storage Construction (Architect)
Limestone Block Wooden Block 4 1 Limestone Ground Storage Construction (Architect)

Limestone Tile (Mason)

Limestone Tile Wooden Block 4 1 Limestone Block Ground Storage Construction (Architect)


Name Cost Built By Takes Yield Size Access
Wooden Block 1 Wood Anyone As Above As Above 1x1 4 Tiles (All four sides)
Ground Depository 1 Plank Anyone N/A N/A 1x1 4 Tiles (All four sides, Can be walked over)
Ground Storage 2 Planks Carpenter N/A N/A 1x1 4 Tiles (All four sides, Can be walked over)
Storefront 1 Plank Anyone N/A N/A 1x1 1 Tile (Front & Back)
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