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Papermakers process rags into paper.

Paper-makers are a Clergy profession. They operate in the papermill zone. When clothes from other villagers break down, the clothes will turn into rags. Rags are then bought by the clergy to be turned into paper.

Paper from paper-makers is used by scribes to produce books.


Name Structures Involved Yield Cost Storage (Max) Used In (Profession)
Paper Stacks
Paper Drier

Paper Sieve

Paper Mill

3 1 rag Chest Manuscript (Scribes)

Learning Writing (Clergy and Nobles)


Name Cost Built By Recipes Size Access Points Notes
Paper Mill 8 Plank

1 Wood

1 Rag > 1 Paper Mesh One end needs to be placed in water

*Bug as of 0.15.17 allows mill to be placed on flooring as opposed to water

Paper Sieve 6 Plank

8 Leather

3 Yarn

1 Paper Mesh > 1 Wet Paper
Paper Drier 4 Plank

3 Yarn

1 Wet Paper > 3 Paper Stacks

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