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  • curprev 20:54, 24 August 2022MrCenny talk contribsm 831 bytes +13 Added the Navbox after per request of the "List of Things to Edit" page.
  • curprev 08:34, 6 June 20228urcookie talk contribs 818 bytes +818 Created page with "Scribes or Scribers are a Clergy profession. Scribes will take paper stacks from the Paper Mill/ Paper-makers and turn them into manuscripts. Manuscripts are used when learning reading and consecration, but are not used to create any additional products. == Products == {| class="wikitable" !Name !Structures Involved !Yield !Cost !Storage (Max) !Used In (Profession) |- |Manuscript |Writing Table |1 |6 Paper Stacks |Bookcase |Learning Reading (Clergy/Nobles) Learning..." Tag: Visual edit