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Product Production

Items Involved


Per Recipe

Cost Storage Recipe For

(Used By)

Leather Scraping Log

Stretching Frame

Tanning Log

Tanning Pit

1 1 Hide Chest Leather Shoes/ Leather Armor/ Leather Shield/

Drawstring Boots/ High String Boots/ Front Laced

Boots (Leatherworker)


Name Cost Takes Yield
Tanning Pit 1 Wood 1 Hide 1 Soaked Hide
Tanning Log 1 Wood 1 Soaked Hide 1 Dry Hide
Scraping Log 1 Wood 1 Dry Hide 1 Clean Hide
Stretching Frame 3 Plank 1 Clean Hide 1 Leather

Peasant Professions

Baking,Blacksmithing, Bow-making, Brewing, Butcher, Farming, Fishing, Foraging, Hunting, Leatherworking, Mason, Milling, Mining, Rope-making, Tailor, Tanning, Smelting