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Winemakers crush grapes and prepare wine in barrels.

Winemakers are a Clergy profession. They require planks from Foragers to produce Wine Barrels and Mead. Inns and Taverns will use the Wine Barrels and Mead to provide the settlement with wine and mead. Winemakers can grow their own grapes. Like hops, grapes will regrow from 75% growth after being harvested.

Name Structures Involved Yield Cost Storage Used In (Profession)
Trellis 6 N/A Barrel Wine Barrels (Wine-makers)

Meals (Everyone)

Wine Barrel
Grape Mashing Tub


Brewing Station

1 16 Grapes

2 Planks

Barrel Rails Wine Cup (Tavern)
Mead Barrel

Brewing Station

[Wooden Block]

1 2 Honey

1 Firewood

2 Plank

Barrel Rails Mead Glasses (Tavern/Inn)


Name Cost Built By Recipes Size Access Points
Grape Mashing Tub 6 Plank 16 Grapes > 1 Grape Juice
Brewing Station 4 Plank 1 Grape Juice + 1 Water Casket + 2 Plank > Wine Barrel

1 Cooked Honey + 2 Plank > Mead Barrel

1x1 4 Tiles (All Sides)
Well 4 Stone Anyone 1x1 4 Tiles (All Sides)
Cauldron 1 Stone Anyone 2 Honey + 1 Firewood > Cooked Honey 1x1 4 Tiles (All sides)
Wooden Block 1 Wood Anyone 1 Wood > 10 Firewood 1x1 4 Tiles (All Sides)
*Trellis N/A 1x1 4 Tiles (All Sides)
Barrel Rails Anyone N/A 2x1 4 Tiles (Front and Back)
Shelves Anyone N/A 1x1 1 Tile (Front)
*Ground Storage Anyone N/A 1x1 4 Tiles (All Sides)

*Trellis and Ground Storage can be walked over

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