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Zones are a way of assigning an area to a particular family. By default, all zones belong to the ruling family. A family will not use the furniture in a zone unless it has been assigned to them. Most zones are for professions and a handful are only owned by the ruling family.

To can toggle to zone overlay from the various overlays option located in the bottom right of the screen. Using the [~/`] key will toggle the overlay at well. The tab key will display the overlay as long as the button is held down. While the overlay is active, you can select a zone to pull up a window which will provide you various options to change the details of a zone as well as a list of some furniture you might build in that particular zone.

Zone Menu Options

Buttons Description
Assign Family
ZoneTenure (2).png
Allows you to change ownership of a zone as well as adjust the tax method or amount.
Adjust Priority (Professional Only)
ZonePriorities (2).png
Allows you to adjust the ratio of what this zone will produce.
Open Warehouse Book
FinanceBook (2).png
Allows you to open the corresponding family's "Grant Resources" page
Show Owner Family
PopulationBook (2).png
Opens the Family Book page of the family who owns this zone.
Family Market Presence
Market Presence.png
Displays the market presence of the family who owns this zone. This will show what the family is looking to buy and/or sell.
Accounting Records (Professional Only)
Accounting Records Button.png
The accounting records for the zone. Each page displays the amount of each resource consumed, produced, taxed, and currently available. For the accounting records of the the family as a whole, use the family book.
Show Zone Inventory
Zone Inventory Button.png
Shows what is currently in the zone as well as what resources are set aside for taxes.
Edit Zone Edits the size of the zone. If the [ctrl] key is held down, you will be able to reduce the zone instead of expand.
Erase Zone
Erase Zone.png
Erases the zone completely. Any items left in storage in the zone will belong to the ruling family and the previous owner will respond as if you seized the items.

Ruling Family Zones

There are a handful of zones that the ruling family owns which cannot be assigned to another family.

The Manor is where the ruling family lives.

The Warehouse is where taxed products are stored. A storefront is needed here in order to sell goods.

The Marketplace is where storefronts are built for the general public to use. Only the family who do not have a storefront in their own zones will use the storefronts in the marketplace.

The Caravan Marketplace is where the caravan will sell and store their items.

The Public Area is an area for villeins to gather and make use of the furniture built there. At the moment, villeins can only use a fireplace, well, or a bench in the Public Area.

Peasant Zones

Peasant Zones can be assigned to any peasant family. However, only families with specific professions will be able to use the job-related furniture in the zone. In addition, families will only use the production furniture in a zone for their job. They will not use furniture in their home for their profession. However, families will use furniture in a professional zone for their daily needs. (Example: A bed in a baking zone will be used.)

List of Professional Zones
Zone Name Profession Consumes Produces
Inn 2.0.png Inn Any Beer Barrel, Mead Barrel, Cooking Ingredients Normal Meals, Beer, Mead
Tavern 2.0.png Tavern Any Wine Barrel, Mead Barrel, Cooking Ingredients Good Meals, Excellent Meals, Wine, Mead
Farmland.png Farmland Farming Firewood Vegetables, Grain, Fruit, Animal Products, Wool, Straw
RoyalForest 2.0.png Royal Forest Foraging - Wood, Wood Plank, Wood Rod, Mushrooms, Blueberries, Pigs
FishingPool.png Fishing Pool Fishing Yarn Fish
Bakery 2.0.png Bakery Baking Flour, Firewood Bread
Windmill 2.0.png Windmill Milling Grain Flour
HuntingArea.png Hunting Area Hunting Bows/Crossbows (Sparingly)

Steel Rod

Animals (Dead)
Butchery.png Butchery Butchering Animals (Alive or Dead), Straw Meat, Sausage, Hide
Tannery.png Tannery Tanning Hide Leather
GlassMill.png Glassmill Glassmaker Sand, Firewood Glass
LeatherworkersWorkshop.png Leather Workshop Leatherworking Leather Drawstring Boots, Highstring Boots, Front Laced Boots Leather shoes, Leather Armor, Heavy Leather Armor, Leather Shield
BowmakersWorkshop.png Bowyer's Workshop Bowmaking Yarn, Plank, Steel Rod Bow, Crossbow
TailorsWorkshop.png Tailor's Workshop Tailoring Wool Yarn, Silk, Clothes, Cape, Robe, Fine Clothes
RopeMill.png Rope Mill Ropemaking Yarn Rope
Brewery.png Brewery Brewing Firewood, Planks, Grain, Straw Hops, Beer barrels
MiningField.png Mining Field Mining - Stone, Limestone, Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Silver Ore, Gold Ore, Coal, Gem Ore
Masonry.png Masonry Masoning Stone, Limestone Stone Block, Stone Tiles, Limestone Block, Limestone Tiles
Furnace.png Furnance Smelting Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Silver Ore, Gold Ore, Coal Clay, Brick, Steel Ingot, Bronze Ingot, Silver Ingot, Gold Ingot
Blacksmithery.png Forge Blacksmithing Steel Ingot, Plank Steel Plate, Steel Rod Helmet, Plate Armor, Spear, Steel Greaves, Steel Shield, Sword, Tool, Warhammer

Noble Zones

Noble Zones are zones that can be assigned to any noble family.

Zone Name Profession Consumes Produces
JewelersWorkshop.png Jewelry Workshop Jewelcrafting Gem Ores, Silver Ingot, Gold Ingot, Bronze Ingot, Firewood Gems, Bronze Rod, Silver Rod, Gold Rod, Bronze Jewelry,

Silver Jewelry, Gold Jewelry

Mint.png Mint Coinmaking Silver Ingot, Gold Ingot, Bronze Ingot, Firewood Money
AlchemistsWorkshop.png Alchemist's Workshop Alchemy Echinacea, Dandelion, Lavender, Mushroom, Stone Health Potion, Stamina Potion, Magic Potion, Transmutation Potion, Philosopher's Stone
ArtistsWorkshop.png Artist's Workshop Artists Paper, Plank, Stone Block, Gold ingot, Silver Ingot, Bronze Ingot Gold Statue, Silver Stature, Copper Stature, Stone Statue, Painting
Theatre.png Theatre Actors - -

Clergy Zones

Clergy Zones are owned by all of the clergy and do not need to be assigned. In addition, they cannot be taxed. Similar to the peasant and noble zones which require certain professions to operate, the clergy zones also require monks to be assigned specific professions before they will produce anything in a zone. However, monks in the clergy can change their profession by adjusting the amount of monks allowed for each profession.

Zone Name Profession Consumes Produces
Graveyard.png Cemetary Mortician - -
Apothecary.png Apothecary Herbalist - Dandelion, Echinacea, Lavender, Mushroom
Apiary.png Apiary Beekeeper - Honey, Wax
PaperMill.png Paper Mill Paper Maker Rags Paper Stacks
Scribery.png Scribery Scriber Paper Stacks Manuscripts

In addition to the Clergy zones mentioned above, Clergy will also own several zones that do not produce anything.

The Quarters is where clergy will sleep and cook their meals.

The Library is where clergy will learn reading, writing, and consecration.

The Chapel is where Sunday Service will be held for nobles.

The Church is where Sunday Service will be held for peasants.

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