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Bow-makers are a type of peasant profession. As their name suggests, they create bows for your settlement. As of version 0.15.12, there are only the hunters who will use bows, but they do not replace them frequently enough to support the living costs of a bow-making family. Therefore, bows can be considered a product to be exported (sold to the caravans to introduce more money into the town).

Product Structures Involved Yield Cost Storage Makes (For)
Bow Bowyer's Workshop 1 2 Plank, 1 Yarn Weapon Rack Weapon (Hunter)
Crossbow Bowyer's Workshop 1 1 Plank, 1 Yarn, 1 Steel Rod Weapon Rack Weapon (Hunter)


Name Cost Size Access Points
Bowyer's Workshop 4 Plank 2x1 2 tiles, Front
Weapon Rack 2 Plank, 1 Steel Rod 2x1 4 tiles, 2 Front, 2 Back
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