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Buildings are one of the few ways you can control your villeins. You can build something by first selecting one of the categories at the bottom left of the screen.

Controls (And Basic How-Tos)

The first step to placing any type of building is to select which one you want. The blueprint of the building will appear where you hover your mouse. If there is something in the way such as another blueprint, the hovering blueprint should show red. (Red blueprints are also shown for roofs that lack the support they need and for buildings that require placement on specific tile types).

When placing a building, the building will appear as a blueprint. This is indicated by the white tinted translucent version of the building. If there is a completed building in the way, the building will be marked for deconstruction, indicated by a small icon. If you have misplaced the blueprint, you can fix the mistake by holding down ctrl or using the "Cancel Plans to Build" button in the bottom left corner of the building selection page menu. (Note: Ctrl to cancel only works on blueprints and will not mark an already built structure for salvaging. That requires a different button). While the structure is a blueprint, the player can choose to cancel the building any time by selecting the blueprint and using the "Cancel Building" button on the bottom right. At the bottom right, there is an option to remove the blueprint overlay, but there is currently no hotkey to toggle the overlay.

When placing a blueprint, you can rotate the structure by using the Q and E keys to rotate 90 degrees, or the F key to rotate the building by 180 degrees. Additionally, the R key will cycle through different designs for a few select furniture.

Villagers will work on the blueprints by themselves. Teenagers are unable to build. To start building, villagers will first need to buy the necessary materials. Then, they will carry the materials to the blueprint to store it. Once a blueprint has materials stored in it, it will appear grey instead of white. From there, villagers will immediately proceed to start building the structure. Once a structure is built, it can be deconstructed by using the "Salvage Structure" button. The Salvage structure button for walls, furniture, production buildings, storage, and some select decorations are interchangeable. Roofs, Wall/Table Decorations, and Flooring will require their own salvage option respectively.

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Types of Structures


Walls are used to build houses or other buildings. They can help contain heat from a fireplace or other heat source. Of the items available in the walls options, only doors can be walked over. Walls are also needed to provide support to roofs.

Walls And Cost
Name Cost Built By
Hay Wall 3 Straw
Cob Wall 3 Wood Rod

1 Clay

Wattle Wall 1 Straw

4 Wood Rod

1 Clay

Wooden Wall 1 Wood
Lime Wall 1 Limestone Block
Stone Wall 1 Stone Block
Brick Wall 5 Brick
Wattle Fence 2 Wood Rod

1 Straw

Wood Fence 1 Wood
Steel Fence 1 Steel Rod
Wooden Door 3 Plank
Heavy Wooden Door 5 Plank
Steel Door 1 Steel Ingot
Wooden Fence Gate 1 Wood
Steel Fence Gate 2 Steel Rod


Floors can all be walked over. Any type of road will provide a small movement boost to your villagers. Even free dirt paths.

Name Cost Built By
Oak Wood Floor 1 Plank
Birch Wood Floor 1 Plank
Maple Wood Floor 1 Plank
Poplar Wood Floor 1 Plank
Spruce Wood Floor 1 Plank
Stone Blocks Floor 1 Stone Block
Stone Tiles Floor 1 Stone Tile
Square Stone Floor 1 Stone Tile
Limestone Blocks Floor 1 Limestone Block
Limestone Tiles Floor 1 Limestone Tile
Square Limestone Floor 1 Limestone Tile
Stone Paving 2 Stone Tile
Stone Road 1 Stone
Limestone Road 1 Limestone
Bridge 1 Wood
Stone Bridge 1 Stone
Steel Bridge 1 Steel Plate

2 Stone Block

Dirt Path -Nothing-
Grass Field -Nothing-


Roofs require support before they can be placed. Any wall will provide support up to 4 tiles in any direction (including diagonals). Therefore, there can be up to 8 tiles between two walls before a supporting wall needs to be added for roofing.

Roofs also help heat sources retain their heat and can be vital during the winter.

The hotkey to toggle roof overlay is V. There are 3 types of roof overlays available: no roofs, roofs only above walls, and complete roofs.

Name Cost Built By
Thatched Roof 1 Straw
Plaited Roof 1 Wood Rod
Board Roof 1 Plank
Tiled Roof 1 Brick


Furniture can be used by any lord or villein as long as it is in a zone they own.

Name Cost Built By
Straw Bed 2 Planks

2 Straw

Straw Double Bed 4 Plank

4 Straw

Wooden Bed 1 Wood

4 Plank

Wooden Double Bed 2 Wood

6 Plank

Expensive Bed 1 Wood

4 Plank

1 Silk

Expensive Double Bed 5 Wood

6 Plank

2 Silk

Noble Bed 1 Wood

6 Plank

4 Silk

Noble Double Bed 2 Wood

8 Plank

6 Silk

Wooden Table 6 Plank
Wooden Table 2x2 12 Plank
Good Wooden Table 6 Plank

2 Silk

Wood Wooden Table 2x2 8 Plank

3 Silk

Expensive Wooden Table 6 Plank

1 Gold Ingot

6 Gem

Expensive Wooden Table 8 Plank

1 Gold Ingot

6 Gem

Stone Table 12 Stone Block
Stone Table 2x2 16 Stone Block
Good Stone Table 18 Stone Block
Good Stone Table 2x2 32 Stone Block
Expensive Stone Table 18 Stone Block

1 Silk

Expensive Stone Table 24 Stonoe Block

2 Silk

Wooden Chair 3 Plank
Good Wooden Chair 6 Plank
Upholstered Chair 6 Plank

1 Silk

Stone Chair 6 Stone Block
Wooden Bench 5 Plank
Good Wooden Bench 8 Plank
Stone Bench 8 Stone Block
Wooden Window 4 Glass

4 Plank

Expensive Window 4 Glass

1 Rope

1 Silk

Steel Window 4 Glass

2 Steel Plate

Painting 1 Art
Stone Statue 1 Stone Statue
Bronze Statue 1 Bronze Statue
Silver Statue 1 Silver Statue
Golden Statue 1 Golden Statue
Flower Pot 1 Plank
Standing Candle 1 Wax
Oil Lamp 1 Steel Ingot
Jack-O-Lantern 1 Pumpkin
Candle 1 Wax
Torch -Nothing-
Lantern 1 Wood

1 Steel Rod

1 Rope

Campfire 1 Stone
Fireplace 8 Brick


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