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Brewers are a Peasant profession. They provide beer for the settlement which is only served at the bar of the inn. They grow their own hops, a crop that can be planted in spring or summer but can continue to grow through autumn. Hops take 4 days to grow and are similar to grapes because both hops and grapes will only reduce to 75% growth when harvested. This means that hops will take 4 days to mature from the time it is planted, but can then be harvested every day until the beginning of winter (Assuming average soil quality)

Brewers require products from: Farmers and Foragers. And their products are used by the Innkeeping family.


Product Structures Involved Yield Cost Storage Used In (Profession)
Hops.pngHops Trellis 3 N/A Silo or Barrel Beer Barrel (Brewers)
BeerBarrel.png Beer Barrel (Trellis)



Brewing Station

Filtering Tub

1 4 Hops

1 Firewood

1 Water Casket

2 Grain

2 Straw

2 Planks

Barrel Rails Beer Pint x30 (Innkeeper)


Name Cost Built By Input Output Size Access
Well 4 Stone Anyone N/A 1 Water Casket 1x1 4 Tiles (All Sides)
Brewing Station 4 Plank Carpenter 2 Plank, 2 Grain, 1 Cooked Hops 1 Fermented Wort 1x1 4 Tiles (All Sides)
Filtering Tub 6 Planks Carpenter 2 Straw, 1 Fermented Wort 1 Beer Barrel 1x3 3 Tiles (One square of each side on one end only)
Cauldron 1 Stone Anyone 4 Hops, 1 Water Casket, 1 Firewood 1 Cooked Hops 1x1 4 Tiles (All Sides)
Trellis 1 Wood, 1 Yarn Anyone N/A Hops 1x1 4 Tiles (All Sides), Can Walkover
Wood Block 1 Wood Anyone 1 Wood 10 Firewood 1x1 4 Tiles (All Sides)
Small Barrel 2 Planks Anyone N/A N/A 1x1 4 Tiles (All Sides)
Barrel 4 Planks Carpenter N/A N/A 1x1 4 Tiles (All Sides)
Barrel Rail 4 Planks Anyone N/A N/A 2x1 4 Tiles (Front & Back)
Silo 1 Clay Anyone N/A N/A 1x1 1 Tile (Front)
Ground Depository 1 Plank Anyone N/A N/A 1x1 4 Tiles (All Sides), Can Walkover
Ground Storage 2 Planks Carpenter N/A N/A 1x1 4 Tiles (All Sides), Can Walkover
Storefront 1 Plank Anyone N/A N/A 1x1 1 Tile (Front & Back)
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