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Nobles are richer citizens with more rights. They are more easily upset and will leave if your reputation with them drops too low. They can be attracted through the tavern. They require a decent beauty and meal quality before they will consider joining your settlement. Nobles will arrive with approximately 1 gold and 25 silver per person. A noble's daily schedule is similar to peasants, but they will go to the chapel instead of the church and the tavern instead of the inn.


Nobles need food. They prefer good or excellent quality meals and will be unhappy if they cannot attain it.

Nobles need warmth. They will prefer fine clothes and will be unhappy if you cannot provide that to them. Nobles will only use fireplaces. They consider campfires beneath them and will refuse to operate it even if placed in their zone.

Nobles need Sunday Service. They will attend Sunday Service at the chapel instead of the church like the peasants. At the end of each Sunday Service, they will donate to the clergy. If you donate more than them by an overwhelming amount, they will be upset.

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