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Farmers are one of the three starting families and provide most of the food for the settlement. Farmers are able to cover Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, and Animal Products for the food categories.


Farmers are one of the few professions that can produce their own food. Farmer are capable of growing various crops depending on the season. Their efficiency is largely dependent on the soil quality of the area. Soil Quality is poor in areas with dense trees, where clay has been recently dug up, where sand has been recently dug up or pathed over, and where mountain tiles have recently been mined. Soil quality is rich in forest tiles and tiles near bodies of water. Soil quality regenerates by itself after rain or snow.

Crop Season Days to Grow Yield Weight Weight Per Day Food Category
Apples Mid-Summer Fruit
Pear Fruit
Corn Summer, Autumn Grain
Rye Summer, Autumn *Drink (Unprocessed)

Pastry (Unprocessed)

Wheat Summer, Autumn *Drink (Unprocessed)

Pastry (Unprocessed)

Barley Spring *Drink (Unprocessed)

Pastry (Unprocessed)

Oat Summer, Autumn *Drink (Unprocessed)

Pastry (Unprocessed)

Rice Spring, Autumn Grain (Unflailed)

*Drinks are not a category used for cooking.


Product Production

Items Involved

Yield Cost Storage Makes (From)
Vegetables Farming Soil Varies - Barrel Meals (Everyone)
Corn Farming Soil ? - Barrel


Meals (Everyone)
Grains Farming Soil 1 - Ground Storage Straw (Farmers)

Grain (Farmers)

Fruit Tree 15 - Barrel Meals (Everyone)
Butter Churn 1 1 Milk Shelves Meals (Everyone)
Cheese Cauldron 1 1 Milk

1 Firewood

Shelves Meals (Everyone)
Milk Animal:Cow 1 - Shelves Meals (Everyone)

Butter (Farmer)

Cheese (Farmer)

Wool Animal: Sheep 2 - Chest Yarn (Tailor)
Egg Animal: Chicken ? - Shelves Meals (Everyone)
Straw Flailing Spot

[Farming Soil]

1 (Wheat/Barley/Rye)

2 (Oat)

Wheat/Barley/Oat/Rye Ground Storage Animal Feed (Butchers/ Forager/Hunter/Farmer)

Construction (Everyone)

Beer Barrel (Brewer)

Grain Flailing Spot

[Farming Soil]

1 (Rye)

2 (Oat)

3 (Wheat/Barley)

Wheat/Barley/Oat/Rye Silo Flour (Miller)

Fermented Wort (Brewer)

Sausage (Butcher)

Rice Grain Flailing Spot

[Farming Soil]

5 1 Rice Silo Meals (Everyone)
Dead Animals None N/A 1 Animal Knackery Meat (Butcher)


Structure Cost Consumes Yields Size Access Points Notes
Farming Soil N/A N/A Vegetables, Fruits, and Grains 1x1 None Can Be walked Over
Flailing Spot Rye





Varying Amounts of Straw and Grain

5 Rice Grain

1x1 4 Tiles, All Sides Can Be Walked Over
Churn Milk Butter 1x1
Feeder Straw, Cooking Ingredients N/A 2x1 4 Tiles, Front & Back 5 Animals Can Be Leashed Per Feeder
Cauldron 1 Stone Milk Cheese 1x1 4 Tiles, All Sides
Tree N/A N/A Apples, Pears 1x1 None Can Be Walked Over
Silo 1 Clay N/A N/A 1x1 1 Tile, Front
Barrel N/A N/A 1x1 4 Tiles, All Sides
Ground Storage 1 Plank N/A N/A 1x1 4 Tiles, All Sides Can Be Walked Over
Chest N/A N/A 1x1 1 Tile, Front
Shelves N/A N/A 1x1 1 Tile, Front
Knackery 2x2 8 Tiles, All Sides
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