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The tiles boxed in yellow show the dug up ground after smelters have exhausted the tile of clay.

Smelters own the Furnace zone. The produce ingots and clay/brick. To produce clay, smelters will dig up a grass or dirt path. Once the clay has been completely dug up from a tile the tile will change in appearance and will no longer produce clay. To continue producing clay, place dirt path over the used up ground.

Smelters produce the ingots required by Jewelry-makers, Blacksmiths, and Coin-makers. They require the products from the Miners


Product Structures Involved Produced

Per Recipe

Cost Storage Recipe For

(Used By)

Clay Grass Tile

Dirt Tile

- Ground Storage Brick (Smelter)

Construction (Everyone)

Brick Oven

Wooden Block

5 1 Clay Ground Storage Construction (Everyone)
Steel Ingot Bloomery

Wooden Block

1 6 Iron Ore

9 Coal

Ground Storage Weapons, Tools, & Armor (Blacksmith)

Construction (Everyone)

Bronze Ingot Bloomery

Wooden Block

1 6 Copper Ore

8 Coal

Ground Storage Bronze Statue (Artist)

Bronze Rod (Jewelry-maker) Money (Coin Maker)

Silver Ingot Bloomery

Wooden Block

1 5 Silver Ore

6 Coal

Ground Storage Silver Statue (Artist)

Silver Rod (Jewelry-Maker) Money (Coin Maker)

Gold Ingot Bloomery

Wooden Block

1 7 Gold Ore

4 Coal

Ground Storage Construction (Everyone)

Gold Statue (Artist)

Gold Rod (Jewelry-maker)

Money (Coin Maker)


Building Cost Consumes Produces Size Access
Bloomery 1 Clay Iron/Copper/Silver/Gold Ore, Coal Steel/Bronze/Silver/Gold Ingot 1x1 Front
Oven 8 Stone Block Clay Brick,Firewood Brick 1x1 Front
Wooden Block 1 Wood Wood/Clay Firewood/Clay Brick 1x1 4 Sides
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