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Salvaging can be done by any adult or elderly, but cannot be performed by teenagers. Salvaging has a higher priority than building structures.

When any structure is deconstructed, the materials will be returned in full.

Salvaging From Natural Resources

Rocks, Clay rocks, and a number of trees may be salvaged for resources. For trees in particular, fruits and acorn can still be collected whether or not the fruits/acorns have fallen to the ground. Fruits can be harvested multiple times per season. In addition, all trees will be chopped down, producing a stump that always produces 1 log when salvaged. After the stump has been removed, a hole in the ground identical to the "plant tree" structure will be left in its place. Villagers will continue to deconstruct this hole and will not plant a tree. Flowers and grass do not produce anything when salvaged.

The following table is a list of each natural resource, what is obtained once the resource has been salvaged, and how long each resource takes to grow from planting with perfect soil efficiency.

Natural Resource Type Resources Gained Days To Grow
Apple Tree 1 + 1 Log

2 Wood Rod

*10 Apple

Pear Tree 1 +1 Log

2 Wood Rod

*10 Pear

Oak Tree 3 + 1 Log

2 Wood Rod

*12 Acorn

Poplar Tree 1 + 1 Log

5 Wood Rod

Birch Tree 2 + 1 Log

4 Wood Rod

Spruce Tree 3 + 1 Log

2 Wood Rod

Maple Tree 1 + 1 Log

5 Wood Rod

Blueberry Bush 2 Wood Rod

7 Blueberries

Big Rock 2 Stone N/A
Small Rock 1 Stone N/A
Clay Rock 1 Clay N/A

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* Fruits and Acorn are only obtainable through salvaging during their corresponding seasons.