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One of the basic needs of all the villagers in the settlement is warmth. For the first spring, this will not be an issue. However, from mid-autumn to mid-spring of subsequent years, villagers will require a source of heat. Adequate clothing such as clothes and capes will help reduce the frequency of villagers warming up Most of the heat sources

Heat Sources

Most of the heat sources can be found in the Decorations building window. In addition, there are some production structures that also produce heat. To make the most out of heat sources, you can encase the structure with walls and build roofing over the structure and the surrounding area.

Campfires and Fireplaces will turn on from the 4th night of Autumn and will stay on until [Find ending date] as long as the family has the firewood (made from wood at the Wooden Block).

Building Cost Firewood Consumption Used By
Campfire None 2 firewood Everyone
Torch None None Everyone
Candle 1 Wax None Everyone
Standing Candle 1 Wax None Everyone
Jack O'Lantern 1 Pumpkin None Everyone
Fireplace 8 Brick 2 Firewood Nobles
Oven 8 Stone Block Varies (1-5 Firewood) Bakers



Glass Forge 10 Stone Block 10 Firewood Glassmaker
Cauldron 1 Stone Everyone


Another form of providing warmth to your villagers is through clothing. Clothing is made from the Tailors. Each article of clothing lasts 1 year (! Subject to change to 2 years soon).

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