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Cooking is a skill that all adults in the village have. Cooking is necessary for producing meals, which can be consumed by all members of your village. If a family cannot cook due to lack of supplies or lack of required structures, they can buy meals from the inn. If villagers are left without a source of meals, they are capable of eating raw ingredients, but will only do so as a last resort.

Villagers require several things to cook a meal. They need Firewood, access to a well, and 250 grams of cooking ingredients per meal. Villagers can and usually do cook 3 meals at a time, resulting in 750 grams of cooking ingredients. The required buildings include a cauldron, a wooden block, a well (can be placed in a Public Area zone instead), and a cooking table.

Meal Quality

There are 4 levels of quality for meals: Simple, Normal, Good, and Excellent. The quality that a family will produce will depend on their wealth, their status, and whether those ingredients are available in your village. Peasants will produce only up to Good quality meals. Tavern owners, Nobles (including your ruling family), and Clergy will produce up to Excellent meals.

All cooking ingredients are classed into several categories: Vegetables, Fruit, Meat, Grain, Made Products, and Animal Products.

  • Simple Quality Meal: Requires any 1 ingredient category
  • Normal Quality Meal: Requires any 2 ingredient categories
  • Good Quality Meal: Requires 3 ingredient categories [Meat or Grain], [Made Product or Animal Product], and [Vegetable or Fruit]
  • Excellent Quality Meal: Requires 4 ingredient categories [Meat or Grain], Animal Product, Made Product, and [Vegetable or Fruit]

Required Buildings

Building Cost Relevant Recipes Size Access Points
Cauldron 1 Stone 1x1 4 Tiles (All Sides)
Wooden Block 1 Wood 1 Wood > 10 Firewood 1x1 4 Tiles (All Sides)
Well 4 Stone N/A 1x1 4 Tiles (All Sides)
Cooking Table ? Planks 2x1 2 Tiles (Front Only)


Ingredient Category Produced By Weight Storage
Cabbage Vegetable Farmer 250 Barrel
Carrot Vegetable Farmer 100 Barrel
Mushroom Vegetable Forager

Clergy (Apothecary)

Parsnip Vegetabel Farmer 100 Barrel
Potato Vegetable Farmer 75 Barrel
Apple Fruit Farmer


100 Barrel
Pear Fruit Farmer


100 Barrel
Blueberries Fruit Forager


100 Barrel
Grapes Fruit Clergy (Wine-Maker) Barrel
Melon Fruit Farmer 200 barrel
Pumpkin Fruit Farmer 200 Barrel
Fish Meat Fishermen Barrel
Meat Meat Butcher Shelf

Meat Hook

Corn Grain Farmer 225 Silo


Rice Grain Grain Farmer 250 Silo


Milk Animal Product Farmer Shelf
Egg Animal Product Farmer Shelf
Honey Animal Product Clergy (Bee-keeper) Shelf
Bread Made Product Baker Shelf
Butter Made Product Farmer Shelf
Cheese Made Product Farmer Shelf
Sausage Made Product Butcher Shelf