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In the interest of staying organized and to communicate to other contributors, this page will be used as a list of areas we need to focus on. Please feel free to add as any ideas come to mind. Thanks for helping!

Pages to Make

  • All Noble Profession Pages (Use pre-made links in Zones)
  • Controls Page
  • Cooking
  • Maybe a patch notes page? If it's even needed?

Pages to Update

  • Peasant Professions: Need the cost of recipes verified. Some recipes were altered in the Nobles and Clergy update
  • Clergy: Needs a description of all the jobs. Debating if these should be in separate pages since all clergy is grouped?
  • Need to verify the resources gained from trees in the Salvaging page
  • Need to track the speed differences in different soil. Add to Farmer's page
  • Need to add the Navbox template to all pages

Templates to Make

  • Infobox for professions. I want it to include products, inputs, outputs, supplied by, and supplies. No need for the recipe or building details.
  • A version warning box so that a warning pops up on pages that may be outdated

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