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Taxation Types

Nearly every zone in a settlement can be taxed. The exception to these are the zones controlled by the ruling family and the zones controlled by the Clergy. Profession zones have the option of being taxed Stewardry and Socage while all zones have the option of Fee Farm or Frankalmoigne. How much each zone should be taxed is ultimately up to the player, but factors such as family size and wealth of the profession should be taken into account.

Some items are exempt from being taxed. These include in-between products (such as a melted steel ingot or a soaked hide), animals, and animal carcasses.


The Socage tax means that a portion of the products made in the zone will be considered tax. This can be as low as 10% or as high as 75%. The socage tax can be split between clergy and ruling family.


The Stewardry tax means that the ruling family will take all the products a zone produces in exchange for a set amount of money every season. How much a family should be paid is dependent on their profession and the amount of members in the family. Taxing a zone as stewardry removes the option for clergy tax. Families will be paid on the 3rd of every month.

Fee Farm

The Fee Farm tax will tax a zone money instead of products. This is the only form of tax for households, inns, and taverns, but is also available to production zones. The fee farm tax can be split between the clergy and the ruling family.

Ruler's Tax

A ruling family tax is available for every taxable zone. The taxes are collected on the first of every season and villeins will deposit the products into the ruling family's warehouse.

Clergy Tax

Similar to the ruling family, the clergy will also collect taxes at the start of every season. You must have an active Bishop in order for the clergy to receive taxes thru socage.

King's Tax

The King will tax the ruling family once a year and is collected every 4th day of fall starting from the second year (1401). The items taxed by the king vary each year, and are dependent on what professions you have available in the settlement. This means that the king will not tax you blacksmith products until you take in a blacksmith. The king will not tax every item you can produce. In return for completing the king's tax, you can earn favor points from the king which you can then exchange for a family of a profession of your choice. Available families change periodically and can be viewed in the King's tax page.

How much you owe the king can be seen from the inventory list located on the left side of the screen. Each taxed item will be shown as a fraction. For example, if you owe the king 10 planks and you have 15, your inventory number for planks will show as (15/10). Items that you do not have enough of will show as yellow while items that you have sufficient amount of will be shown in green.

Note: As of V0.15.12, the king will not tax pumpkins.

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